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Donation in Kinds

Donate to the New Immigrants!

Jalalabad Association of America, Inc humbly requests you to stand by the side of the new immigrants. Your generous gesture might help a newly arrived immigrant family to survive in their initial days of arrival in the US. Many of us simply throw away many household items, furniture, and electronic gazettes while relocating residences or bringing in a new model/set. We can very well offer these items to the new immigrants that are struggling economically and be happy receiving such gifts from you!

Once you are planning for taking such a good step, our Association can assist you in many ways. You can simply contact us or through the Contact page of this site and let us know your intention. It will be our responsibility from then onward to collect the items from your convenient place and distributing those among the immigrants.

Your contribution may include furniture of all types, bed set, TV, fan, oven, microwave oven, PC, bookshelves, computer desks, and anything that can be of good use by a immigrant family in need. We appreciate your kind consideration and response to this request. We know you will donate items that are of good condition.

Below are images of few of the items that you may consider for donation.

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