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Organization History

Jalalabad Association of America, Inc – Its Creation

The immigrants from Jalalabad had immense contribution in our glorious War of Liberation. The handful of the immigrants from Jalalabad living in the United States in 1971 stood courageously in support of the liberation war. On this milieu, late Mr. Siraj Chowdhury of Fenchugonj pioneered the establishment of Jalalabad Association in the United States in 1971. He was duly supported by Mr. Siraj Mian, Mr. Saleh Ahmed and other notables in this effort.

In 1983, there was attempt to reform the Association to address the needs of an influx of new immigrants from Jalalabad. A convention committee was formed in this end having selected Mr. Shelly Mubdi and Mr. M M Shaheen as the Convener and the Member Secretary respectively. Later in 1988, the migrants from greater Sylhet felt the necessity of making this platform more effective and vibrant in protecting their rights/interests. That saw the formation of a fully structured committee in 1989 having Mr. Sirajuddin Ahmed as the President and Mr. M M Shaheen as the General Secretary of the organization.

However, the organization was officially registered as the Jalalabad Association of, America, Inc. in the New York State in March 5th, 1990. It was a result of the relentless efforts made by Mr. Ohidur Rahman Mukta, Zakir Hossain, and Mr. Dewan Akmal Chowdhury in this regard. To continue the momentum, The next committee of the Association was formed in 1991 having Mr. Mahbubur Rahman and Mr. Shafiqul Islam as the President and General Secretary respectively. This committee prepared the constitution for the Association in 1992.

The organization arranged its first election in 1993 and elected Mr. Abdul Basid and Mr. Juned Khan its President and General Secretary. Although the drive and involvement expected from the elected committee was hampered by two cases filed against the committee but that could never falter the Association pursuing its mission.
We pay tribute to the altruistic acts and dedication of all who have served from its inception to bring the Jalalabad Association of America, Inc. in today’s shape and reputation.