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Mission Statement


Jalalabad Association leads the Bangladeshi community’s effective engagement in the US society.


Our mission is to promote the wellbeing of the people of greater Sylhet region living in America through their socio-cultural and economic development.

Core Values:

In pursuing its mission, the organization places a strong importance on three core values – “unity & inclusiveness”, “honesty & integrity”, “respect & accountability”.




To help prosper the indigenous culture of Jalalabad and its interaction with the US culture

Organize programs on important social, cultural, and national events while celebrating important festivals

Establish “Jalalabad Information & Cultural Centres” in New York ” by the end of 2016 and organize activities that support main stream cultural development

To facilitate the education of immigrant children

Financially support education of Bangladeshi American immigrants in the United States "without distinction of locality, sex or creed"

Help establish the “Bangla School of New York” and the associated library facilities in the “Jalalabad Information & Cultural Centre”

To provide professional development opportunities

Organize career development and job placement supports through appropriate and affordable training, workshop and job fairs at the Associations existing facilities

Establish the “Jalalabad School of Career & Leadership Development” the first such institution for Bangladeshi immigrants, in the “Jalalabad Information & Cultural Centre”

To promote effective leadership that can be engaged in mainstream political activities

Encourage the community members registering them as voters, involve potential young leaders in mainstream political programme and organize workshops in Association’s existing facility

Prepare the young and talented professionals through “Jalalabad School of Career & Leadership Development” to serve as elected members of the local and Federal Government